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GPS Smart Watch

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GPS Smart Watch
IP67 Waterproof.
GPS Tracker.
Support Barometer, Altimeter, Compass.
Heart rate, blood oxygen monitor.
1.39 Inch 360x360 round display.
13 Sport modes.
Support calling function via Bluetooth.

The MG03 smartwatch is packed with features, but one of its most interesting functions is its GPS. This allows you to track your workouts in detail, including your exercise trajectory. Whether you're going for a run, a bike ride, or a hike, the MG03 will be able to map your route and provide you with data on your distance, pace, and elevation. This can be a great way to stay motivated and see how you're improving over time.

In addition to GPS, the MG03 also has a heart rate monitor, blood oxygen sensor, stress monitor, and sleep tracker. This comprehensive suite of health and fitness features can help you stay on top of your well-being and make sure you're getting the most out of your workouts.

AMOLED Smart Watch

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AMOLED Smart Watch
IP68 waterproof smart watch.
1.43 Inch 466x466 AMOLED Display Smartwatch
Heart rate, blood oxygen monitor.
Round Dial Smart Watches.
MG03: Unleash Stunning Visuals with a 1.43-Inch AMOLED Display
Experience a whole new level of clarity and vibrancy on your wrist with the MG03 smartwatch. Forget blurry, washed-out displays. The MG03 boasts a stunning 1.43-inch AMOLED round screen, featuring a high resolution of 466x466 pixels. This best-in-class display makes everything from your workout data to your watch face details crystal clear and easy to read, even in bright sunlight.

AMOLED: A Display Technology Built for Vibrancy

AMOLED, or Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode, utilizes organic compounds to produce light. Unlike traditional LCD displays that rely on backlighting, AMOLED displays boast self-illuminating pixels. This translates to superior black levels, richer colors, and a wider viewing angle for an overall superior visual experience. Whether you're checking your heart rate or plotting your course on a map, the MG03's AMOLED display ensures you see everything in stunning detail.

Additional Features

Built tough for any adventure, the MG03 is 3ATM waterproof and supports a whopping 60 sports modes, meticulously tracking your exercise trajectory and workout data.
The MG03 goes beyond fitness tracking, keeping a watchful eye on your well-being. Monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen, and stress levels, and improve your sleep quality with sleep tracking. It even prioritizes your mental well-being with features like meditation, breathing training, and menstrual cycle tracking.
The MG03 isn’t just about fitness and wellness; it offers a range of convenient features to simplify your day. Manage your time with the alarm clock, timer, and stopwatch, and stay connected with world clock functionality. The built-in flashlight ensures you’re never left in the dark, and a unique vibration-based water ejection feature keeps the watch clean. You can even set weather conditions for up to 10 cities, so you’re always prepared.
The MG03 is crafted with a combination of stainless steel and ABS+PC for a durable yet stylish design. Choose from four stylish silicone strap colors: orange, black, titanium silver, or silver grey, to complement your look.

Sport Smartwatch

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MG02 Smart Watch: Your Outdoor Sports Companion

The MG02 is a feature-packed smartwatch built for adventure. This GPS smartwatch boasts multiple global positioning systems (GPS, BDS, GLONASS, AGPS) for precise location tracking, so you can explore confidently. Built-in sensors provide a wealth of outdoor data, including altitude, air pressure, and compass readings.

The MG02 isn't just for navigating trails. It also keeps you on top of your health with all-day health monitoring, including heart rate and blood oxygen tracking. Plus, you can monitor your sleep patterns to optimize your rest.

Stay connected with Bluetooth calling and receive notifications for calls and messages directly on your wrist. The MG02 comes in three stylish colors: black, gold, and orange.

With a vibrant 1.39-inch round display and IP67 water resistance, the MG02 is your perfect outdoor companion.
MW06 Big Screen Sport Smartwatch, a Top-Ranked Smartwatch for 2024

The MW06 is a feature-packed smartwatch designed to elevate your active lifestyle. Boasting a massive 1.85-inch display and a sleek square design, it offers a premium look and an intuitive user experience.

Stay Active in Style

Large 1.85-Inch Display: The vibrant 240x280 TFT LCD screen with minimal bezels makes it easy to view your workout data and messages.
110+ Sport Modes: Track a wide range of activities, from running and cycling to swimming (thanks to its IP68 waterproof rating) and more.
Motion Recognition: The MW06 automatically recognizes your movements and starts tracking selected workouts.
Stay Connected on the Go

Call and Message Notifications: Receive alerts for calls and messages directly on your wrist, with vibration and sound options for customization.
Bluetooth Calling: Make and answer calls conveniently using your smartwatch.
Built to Last

IP68 Waterproof: With an IP68 waterproof rating, the MW06 can withstand sweat, rain, and even submersion in water.
Multiple Colors: Choose from a variety of stylish colors, including black, blue, purple, silver, and pink, to match your look.
The MW06 is the perfect companion for an active and connected lifestyle. It keeps you informed, motivated, and in style throughout the day.

All Smartwatches

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The Best-selling Women's Smart Watches Fitness Watch Ladies Android Ip68 Round Amoled Smartwatch
IP68 waterproof smart watch.
1.43 Inch 466x466 AMOLED Display Smartwatch
Heart rate, blood oxygen monitor.
Round Dial Smart Watches.
MG03 China Smart Watches IP67 GPS Compass Navigation Watch Smart GPS Device Smartwatch

There are many China-made smartwatches that boast features like IP67 water resistance, GPS, compass, and navigation.

Here are some things to consider when looking for a China-made smartwatch with GPS, compass, and navigation:
Battery life: GPS can drain the battery quickly, so you'll want to consider how long the watch will last on a single charge.
Durability: A watch with an IP67 water resistance rating can withstand being submerged in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. If you plan on using the watch for activities like swimming or diving, you'll need a watch with a higher water resistance rating.
Compatibility: Make sure the watch is compatible with your smartphone's operating system (iOS or Android).
Features: Some China-made smartwatches also include features like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and fitness tracking.

Here are a few examples of China-made smartwatches with GPS, compass, and navigation:
MG03 smartwatch: This watch is a good option for people who like to hike, bike, or camp. It includes features like a heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, and compass. It's designed by EELUCK.
·MG03 3 ATM Water Resistant Watches Touch Screen Smartwatch AMOLED GPS Smart Watch

·1.43 Inch 466x466 round amoled smart watch

·3 ATM water proof

·60 Sports modes

·Exercise trajectory tracking & Workout data recording

·Bluetooth calling

·Heart rate, blood oxygen, stress monitor

·Sleep tracking

·Meditation, breathing training, menstrual cycle tracking

·Alarm clock, timer, stopwatch

·World clock, flashlight, vibration-based water ejection

·Support setting weather conditions for 10 cities

·Stainless steel & ABS+PC middle frame

·Optional 4 colors watch silicone strap between Orange, Black, Titanium Silver, Silver Grey silicone strap
Introducing the MW04 Smartwatch: Your Stylish Fitness Companion

The MW04 smartwatch is the perfect blend of style and functionality. This new arrival boasts a stunning 1.32-inch, 360x360 TFT display housed in a sleek, 46mm round case. With five vibrant color options (Black, Blue, Green, Gold, and White), the MW04 complements any outfit, making it ideal for both women and men.

This feature-packed smartwatch goes beyond aesthetics. It boasts an IP68 waterproof rating, allowing you to take it swimming or get caught in the rain without worry. The MW04 also prioritizes your health with built-in heart rate monitoring and female health tracking features. Plus, you can stay connected with built-in Bluetooth calling, so you never miss an important call.

Here's a quick look at the MW04's highlights:

Stylish Design: 1.32-inch round TFT display, available in 5 colors
Durable Build: IP68 waterproof rating
Health Tracking: Heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring (may not be available in all regions), female health tracking
Fitness Companion: Over 110 sports modes to track your workouts
Stay Connected: Bluetooth calling, message and call notifications
Additional Features: Multiple watch faces, sleep monitoring, step counting, calorie tracking, music control, camera control, weather updates, alarms, reminders, and more
The MW04 smartwatch is compatible with Android 6.0 and above and iOS 10.0 and above devices.

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your everyday life with the stylish and functional MW04 smartwatch!
Introducing the MW06 Smartwatch: Your All-in-One Fitness Companion

Looking for a smartwatch that keeps up with your active lifestyle? Look no further than the MW06, a top-ranked smartwatch in 2024.

Large Display for Easy Viewing:
The MW06 boasts a big screen with a 1.85-inch, 240x280 resolution TFT LCD display. This spacious design minimizes bezels, allowing you to easily view your stats and notifications.

Stay Connected and Informed:
Never miss a call or message again. The MW06 supports call functionality via Bluetooth and provides message alerts with vibration and sound options.

Unleash Your Inner Athlete:
With over 110 sports modes to choose from, the MW06 is the perfect companion for any workout. Track your progress and stay motivated with detailed fitness data.

Built to Endure:
The MW06 is built tough, featuring an IP68 waterproof rating. This means it can withstand sweat, rain, and even accidental submersion.

Available in a Variety of Colors:
Express your personal style with the MW06, available in black, blue, purple, silver, and pink.

The MW06 smartwatch is your one-stop shop for fitness tracking, communication, and style.
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